The Lizard Sun Band

The Lizard Sun Band The Lizard Sun Band

Son of Jim Morrison (lead singer of ‘The Doors”), Cliff Morrison is a seasoned artist, writer, vocalist and performer. After having the hit album, “Know Peaking”, which was voted #1 for two consecutive years and touring in the United Kingdom, Morrison decided to take a break from the music industry and try other business ventures. He has toured most of the world and is now looking forward to touring the United States with his new group, “The Lizard Sun Band” and introduce his new album, “The Color of the People” due to release during the first quarter of 2008.

The band members are all from San Pedro, California. These gentleman are not only great talent and performers, they are also Longshoremen. Who knew so much talent and Rock & Roll could be found on the docks of San Pedro? Cliff knew because he hand-picked the best of the bunch.

Richard Manzanares
  1. Richard Manzanares/Lead Guitarist – incredible performer and teacher
Armando “AJ” Mejia
  1. Armando “AJ” Mejia/ Guitarist – has performed and jammed with some of the best
Phil Bradarich
  1. Phil Bradarich/Keys – plays anything from Classical to Hard Rock
Andy Salas
  1. Andy Salas/Drums – Rocking the entire Southland
John Baxter
  1. John Baxter/Bass - wants to tour the entire world
David Mora
  1. David Mora/Percussion - a “Celebrated Percussionist!”

The Lizard Sun Band is a powerful hint from the past and has taken an incredible leap into the future of Rock & Roll. The music has an eerie power with a familiar voice. The world has not seen or heard the best or the peak of rock; for the power, rage and fury is yet to come. WELCOME TO THE LIZARD SUN!!!