Lizard Sun Entertainment is proud to promote the music of Cliff Morrison, son of Jim Morrison of The Doors. Cliff is an incredible performer and musician who is looking forward to touring the United States with his new rock band. "Personal Management" is under my guidance contractually binded with Cliff Morrison and his "True life story rights" are exclusively assigned to the joint venture Morrison Land.

Floyd Bocox, CEO

Floyd Bocox, CEO

Floyd Bocox has been a respected community leader for more than 30 years. Floyd is a successful, self-made businessman with a background in investment and development. Before entering the music business, he was a commercial pilot and owner and CEO of South Bay Helicopters. Floyd then spent 15 years in the melting pot, dealing with all aspects of the music and film industry. During this time was CEO and President for Floyd Records, President for Lizard Sun Entertainment, and cofounder of Loco Entertainment. Floyd's abilities and foresight are second-to-none.

Floyd says he has never had an artist like Cliff Morrison. Cliff writes all his own songs and tells the band exactly how he wants them to play.

(310) 505-3958

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