If you like The Doors, you'll love Cliff Morrison and the Lizard Sun Band. Cliff picks up where his father, Jim Morrison, left off. The band plays distinctive, poetic rock music infused with an infectious power and energy.

Know Peaking

Cliff Morrison's first album, Know Peaking, was voted #1 for two consecutive years. After touring extensively in the UK, Morrison decided to take a break from music to pursue other business ventures. Now he's back with a new band and a new manager.

The Color of People

Welcome to the Lizard Sun! The music of The Lizard Sun Band draws inspiration from the past, but The Color of People is an incredible leap into the future of rock and roll. You'll recognize echoes of The Doors in the album, but The Color of People proves that the world has not yet seen the peak of rock. The power, rage, and fury are yet to come!